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I know that there are a ton of photographers out there, and it can be tough to choose one to work with! If you haven't worked with me before but you're thinking about it, you're in the right place. And if you'd like to take a shortcut and skip the reading below, I'd be happy to talk with you about what you are looking for - no pressure. Just give me a call.

I would recommend that you look through my portfolio a bit, so that you can see if my style is a good fit for you. I created galleries that highlight favorites from an entire session each, so you can get a feel for what you might get out of your session, and so you can see the consistency of my results.

If you like what you see, great! Let's keep going!


professional portrait of beautiful girls playing together outside in Albuquerque
First of all, my goal in any custom photography session is to make the whole experience enjoyable, relaxed, and easy. I don't expect your children to behave any certain way - I want them to be themselves. I have kid-experience and lots of ideas to make our time together a lot of fun. This means that you (Mom) can relax - in fact it will help a lot if you don't stress! I want our experience to be so fun for all involved that your kids will want to do it again for many years to come.   "The portraits that Pam took of my daughter were beautiful. We got some with her silly smile and others captured her intense fascination with the world around her. These portraits capture her innocence and her curiosity. Pam was caring, considerate, and took her time capturing each special moment."

- Christine, Albuquerque NM

Since I want you to get the best possible portraits, I start with a consultation where I get to know you a little better. We can do this on the phone or we can meet in person.

We discuss your session location, we discuss ideas for what to wear, and I make sure I know what you are hoping to get in the end from this process. That way we can tailor your session to be perfect for your needs.

There is no "one size fits all" in custom photo sessions, so what worked for your friend's family may not be at all right for you.

Once you are sure you want to work with me, I charge a $150 session fee, paid in advance, to reserve your date and time. Don't worry, if you later need to change the date, your session fee is transferable.

professional portrait of beautiful children playing in the autumn leaves in Albuquerque
The first decision that I help you to make is: where should we go to be photographed?

Good question! I have options for you, or if you already have ideas about that I'd love to hear them.

  "I have told friends who saw the pictures and mention that they are going to call you that they HAVE to go to you.  I always refer them to your blog so they can see all the great pics and how personal you make the experience.  I was so impressed with the pictures and the experience we had with you.  I'm also very happy and feel lucky to have found such a great photographer!"  

- Heather, Albuquerque NM

  • I do lots of sessions out on location in the Albuquerque area. Even in the winter. Or in the spring when it's windy. (I know! But there are places we can go.) I bring studio lights with me to make sure that the lighting will be picture perfect no matter where we are.

  • I go to clients' homes and do sessions there. This can be a great option for small children - it's comfortable and easy for them to relax. I love to show childrens' rooms, hobbies, animals, or whatever is special to them.

  • And I do sessions at my home/studio. My studio style is simple and classic, so I can focus on those happy faces.


professional portrait of beautiful children and their newborn baby brother in Albuquerque
One advantage of working with me is that I've been doing this for quite a few years, so I have lots of great location ideas. I can make recommendations for you, or you can browse through my ideas and see what would be a good fit for your family. Also it can be really nice to have a studio option, especially if you have a baby and it's cold out.   "We have nothing but good things to say about our experience, and I've heard/seen enough from other friends to know that's a consistent outcome of working with you!"

- Amelia, Rio Rancho NM


Your photo session:

Your session will last about an hour. Sometimes more, depending on your family, but I have learned that keeping sessions quick will usually give us better results. (Don't you wish your pediatrician's office felt the same way?)

This is also good for the man in your life to know. I know, if he is like my husband, a portrait session may not be his #1 favorite way to spend time. I have had so many dads tell me that the whole thing was much easier than they had expected.


professional portrait of a beautiful mother and daughters outside in Albuquerque

I am looking to capture something of the relationship that you share. That means I don't do a lot of posed portraits. We will start there, and then we will spend the rest of our time playing and having fun together.

I want to show not only what your family looks like, but also how it feels to be part of your family.

  Pam, you were able to capture the true personality of my daughter and even some sweet moments of the two of us. I wish I had known about your services sooner. Be certain that you'll be photographing her more in the future!"

- Lanette, Albuquerque NM

After we finish pictures of your whole family together, I work with everyone individually, all the kids, Mom & the girls, Dad & the boys, and whatever other groups you would like.

We have time to be creative, use props, or whatever else is important to your family.

professional portrait of a beautiful family having fun in a park in Albuquerque

When we're done, we will schedule a date to get together so I can show you your portraits in person. Usually this will be 1-2 weeks later.

We can meet at your house, at mine, or somewhere in between (park, Starbucks or Flying Star, anyone?) It is best if everyone can be there who needs to help make your purchasing decisions.

  "Pam is a great photography who has a lot of patience with children and can bring out beautiful smiles from them.  She is very polite and my children were very comfortable with her."

- Patricia, Albuquerque NM

There are a few important benefits to meeting together in person to see your portraits.
  • I have them on my ipad and we can use a nifty program to sort through and rate them all. If we're at your home or mine, I  can hook it up to a TV so you and your family can see them BIG - that way you can see all the details. (This can be a problem when viewing them online.)

  • Sometimes I find clients have trouble even narrowing down their images to their very favorites. I have a method for that that can help!

  • And I can help you choose the final products that will best fit your home and fit your needs. My ordering process is very flexible - I have packages, custom packages that you can create yourself, or you can order a la carte. I absolutely don't want to sell you anything that is not right for you. I always say that I am a no-pressure kind of person - it's not my style.

  • Finally, I offer a $50 credit towards your purchase when you complete your order at our viewing appointment.

  • You can view my pricing pages here. I never want price to be a surprise to my clients in any way. And I do offer payment plans if that is helpful to you.

professional portrait of a father and daugther loving being together in Albuquerque
Your payment is due at that time. I do offer payment plans - I know custom photography can be an investment, and sometimes spreading it out a little can help.

You will then have a short wait before I will have your wall portraits, prints, or other products ready. Usually I have everything ready to go in about 2 weeks, depending on what you order.

  "Many of my friends use you, and after looking at their beautiful pictures, I had to get some of our own!  My favorite photos are the unstaged ones, and you have a knack at catching those little moments."

- Jacque, Rio Rancho NM

Some other goodies I include:
  • Does it make you nervous to install wall portrait galleries? Or do they turn out crooked? I will come and do it for you! If you purchase three or more canvases or framed wall portraits, I'll hang them for you in your home.

  • Do you have family that lives out of town that you'd like to see your session images? No problem - after we meet together in person, I will post a portrait gallery online for them to see. I will leave it up for a week to give them plenty of time to enjoy the pictures, and if they'd like to order as well I can work with them.

professional portrait of a beautiful family having fun outside in Albuquerque

If this sounds like what you are looking for, give me a call or email, and we can talk about a portrait session for your family!

I do a maximum of 3 sessions in a week, so that I can give the best service and experience to each family. Sometimes this means I book a few weeks in advance. I also have a limited number of Saturday session timeslots available, so if you need a weekend it's more important to book ahead of time.

  "I find Pam to be creative and a great photographer.  She kind and very patient with my boys.  She can ALWAYS get them to smile and has a way of making me look great too!  THANKS PAM!" 

- Veronica, Albuquerque NM

This kind of session is not for everyone! If you are looking for just a couple of quick posed shots taken in a studio setting, this is not for you.

I do offer minisessions four or five times a year, usually in a studio setting, that have short timeslots, special pricing, and reduced session fees. If you are interested in something like that instead, the way to find out in advance is to sign up for my email newsletter, which I send out at infrequent intervals throughout the year.

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professional portrait of happy children having fun outside in Albuquerque

And you can follow me on facebook - I will make announcements there too, as well as sharing favorite images from current clients' sessions.

Questions? You can give me a call or email, or try my FAQ page.





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