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  • Share your pictures with your family and friends.

Good news - this might be the easiest part of the whole process! After we finish your photo session, we will schedule an in-person ordering appointment. It might be at your home, at mine, or someplace in between. (A park, Starbucks, Flying Star?) It is best if everyone can be there who needs to help make your purchasing decisions.

I'll show you all your finished photos, and I'll help if you need any direction on what would be the best way to display or preserve your images for your family. I include a $50 discount for my clients who complete their purchase at their ordering appointment.

And when we're done, if you'd like, I will post a beautiful online gallery for your friends or family to view. You can share this gallery with them, so they can see everything. They will love it!


  • If you'd like a complete price list, please send me your email address (below) and I will respond with my price info right away!


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