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So what do you want to do with your photos?  




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  • Gifts. Crafts. Scrapbook. I want them all!


  • I know that some of my clients just want the digital files. Some photographers don't like to sell files, and I have a few hesitations myself. But I know that when I get pictures taken of my family, I want the files. So I offer a package that includes all the digital files that you'll see at your ordering session, along with a gallery wrap canvas or framed wall print. Along with this I discount any additional gift prints or wall art that you purchase by 50%.

  • I can also make recommendations for where you might buy various photo gifts - I can't sell them all and there are so many things you can do with copyright permission for these files! Don't let me stand in the way of your inner Martha Stewart if you want to print custom party hats for your daughter's next birthday or design photo-wrapped candleholders for the next family reunion!

  • Payment plans are available. I know that files are an investment, but it's one that I believe will be worth it.

  • For a complete price list please fill in the form to the right, and I will send it right over to you.


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