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  • Decorate your home in an eye-catching way.

    You're going to hang something on your walls, right? It could be "living room art", or it could be a custom wall portrait or gallery showcasing your family's happy giggles and grins, guaranteed to make you smile every time you see it.

    Below on the left is a gallery of 8x10" and 5x7" prints. I think it's nice enough, but how much more striking is the display on the right? The larger gallery is a set of six 10x20" prints in custom frames.

    click here for more before/after examples



  • Prices for framed wall portraits start at $210.

  • A large gallery similar to the one shown on the right would cost $1800.

  • Payment plans are available. I know that framed wall art is an investment, but it's one that I believe will be worth it.

  • If you'd like a complete price list, please send me your email address (below) and I will respond with my price info right away!


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