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  • Tell the whole story.

Sometimes it's really hard to narrow down which pictures you want. If you love them all, a photo album can be a great way to get all your favorites in a beautiful product that you will treasure and use. One thing I love about albums is that I go through them with my kids. Again, and again. My mom goes through her albums with my kids. I tell my kids the stories, and they tell them to me.

I think that you will do the same with your children.

To me this is more valuable than a set of digital files, because personally I almost never go through files on the computer with my family more than once. No CD to keep track of (and you know that CD technology will be phased out at some point, right?), no files to keep track of, just an heirloom that you and your family will love.


  • Albums start at $575 for a gorgeous 8x8" square book with 24 pages of the highest quality.
  • Payment plans are available. I know that albums are an investment, but it's one that I believe will be worth it.

  • If you'd like a complete price list, please send me your email address (below) and I will respond with my price info right away!


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